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The vending and manual paper cup production process at KM Plast involves a specialized series of steps. Firstly, we contact with the customer to determine their needs. Following that, the requested size is selected, and the design process begins. In the printing phase, the design is applied to the paper. In the printing phase, the design is applied to the paper. Following that, the paper is cut to shape the cup. Through the shaping process, the cups take on their final form. The vending and manual paper cups are tested for compliance with quality standards, packaged, and made ready for delivery.

KM Plast also manufactures the molds whose designs are developed in the R&D department. Adhering to high-quality standards, it processes stirrers and bowls of various sizes through a series of stages in fully automatic systems, Using GPPS and Bio compostable raw materials, injection molding is performed in different sizes on injection machines. The molded vending stirrers and bowls are sequentially placed into packages with the help of machines. After strict quality control processes are applied to the packages, they are arranged in boxes for transportation.

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